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Made to Measure

Mysterious Leathers specialize in made-to-measure leather motorcycle clothing. We manufacture anything in leather clothing range, including one piece motorcycle racing suit, two piece motorcycle racing suit, motorcycle racing jackets, classic motorcycle jackets, motorcycle racing pants, touring jacket, touring pants, motorcycle gloves both for men and women.

If you can't find what you are looking for on the site please contact us, we have made more specialist items for people from Leather casual dresses to Leather formal dresses.

What is important to you when choosing your motorcycle clothing?


Are you fed up of never being able to find anything to fit?
Our made-to-measure service ensures that the item you choose is tailor made for you and your riding position.


Do you value quality?
With so many inferior suits on the market we have sourced the best quality materials from around the world, which have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards.


How much do you value your skin?
None of us expect to fall off but we want to know if the worst happens we have the best protection available. All our products and armour come up to the Cambridge CE Standard for high Performance.


Do you want to reflect your style and individuality?
You can choose from our range of exclusive designs that our available in a choice of different colours. For something a little more unique you can design your own or use our in house designer.


The product range is available to view throughout the website. The added cost is an extra 10-25% for minor alterations or custom fit and an extra 25-50% for full customized gear which involves a fitting stage. If you can not find the style or design you are looking for email us with a picture or description and we will endeavor to cost it for you.


Use Below Form To Request Quote For Your Customized Gear: